About Us

The Act of Giving

Your loved ones may not always remember your gift or your thoughtful action. But they will subconsciously always remember how they felt as a result of that gift or that action. And that feeling, is everything. 

Flower Power

That is why we believe in the powers of flowers. Known to universally put smiles on people’s faces, flowers can mean different things to different people in various situations. We might be slightly biased as passionate florists, but there is certainly something comforting, rather earthy and simply nice, in giving and receiving a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers. 

Unique Hand Picked Flowers

Our florists ensure that every time you order flowers from us, you and your loved ones receive a lovingly crafted celebration. 

Origins of Flowerist

Flowerist is, in the truest sense, our founder Neera’s labour of love. We started in 2019 with a store in Glenfield Mall on Auckland’s North Shore and have added an online store to the mix in early 2020. Our aim is to spread more joy and put more smiles on faces by making beautiful flowers and flower arrangements part of everyday life. We hope to achieve this by re-evaluating existing models within this traditional sector.

Neera’s Story

Since she can remember, Neera has always been attracted to flowers – the colours, the fragrances and ultimately, the joy that these little bundles bring to people universally. But then, as it does, life happened: she tied the knot, brought up kids, moved to Auckland and set-up her life in the new city. Now in her fifties, with time on her hands, she finally decided to turn her focus towards her passion: flowers. She completed a course in flower arrangements from Auckland and followed that by pursuing any and all opportunities of internships to get real world experience. 

Finally, in 2019, at an age where most of her peers would be looking to ease into retirement, she started Flowerist. With her family and friends firmly behind her in this beautiful endeavour, Neera is looking forward to fulfilling her vision for Flowerist in the near future.

Neera Soni_Flowers Auckland