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Pamper Gift Set

Pamper Gift Set  from $90

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Pamper Gift Set

1 x Gardenia & Hyacinth organic coconut wax travel candle
1 x Starfruit lychee & guava hand & body creme (120ml)
1 x Box of 6 handcrafted chocolates (75g)

Pamper your loved one with a delicious selection of handmade chocolates to share, an organic candle and an organic hand and body creme. 

Starfruit lychee & guava Hand & Body Creme

The luxurious Surmanti Hand & Body cream is enriched with a blend of organic and natural plant-based ingredients, instantly relieving dryness, working to replenish your skins natural moisture barrier.

Gardenia organic coconut wax travel candle

Floral and intoxicating. Sweet, creamy top notes of Gardenia and Hyacinth dropping into mid notes of Arabian Oud and Incense, finished with bright fresh Green notes.

  • Delivery Auckland-wide from $16
  • Deliveries between 10AM and 6PM
  • Same-Day-Delivery orders need to be placed before 2PM
  • Mini: 5-6 Stems
  • Small: 8-10 Stems
  • Medium: 13-17 Stems
  • Large: 19-25 Stems
  • Extra Large: 28-34 Stems
  • Clean your vase to prevent bacteria 
  • Fill half to two-thirds of the vase with water
  • Remove any leaves under water
  • Cut 2 cm of each stem every few days
  • Change water when it becomes discoloured
  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and ripening fruit.
  • Remove wilting flowers to prevent mould

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